Choose R&C Excavating for Your Next Project

We work for residential and commercial clients in Webberville, MI

The R&C Excavating crew is capable of handling more than just excavation and demolition projects. If you need to eliminate underbrush on your property or want to add a pond to your backyard, we can make it happen. Our services include:

  • Thinning or clearing fencerows on residential and commercial properties
  • Landscaping yards for ponds and other water features

We add the finishing touches to your construction project

Your new home or commercial facility has been built. Now it's time to do the final grading work on your site. Our experienced crew will make sure:

  • Drainage is directed away from your home or building
  • Drainage doesn't cause damage to your property or neighboring properties
  • Soil is distributed properly and stabilized around your foundation

We're your local and trusted commercial excavation contracting company in the Webberville, MI area. Call 517-749-7141 now to start your landscaping or grading project. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.